T&M is a method of training potential Christian leaders using a set of 63 booklets and a Student Activity Guide. The T&M method/material is:

  • Biblical
  • Economical
  • Practical
  • Field tested and applicable in both city and rural areas

Published in many languages: So far T&M has been translated into 39 Languages.
(See full list of available languages).

Full list of T&M Booklet titles:

SAG Student Activity Guide
01 Baptize New Believers
02 Good News
03 The Cheerful Giver
04 David
05 Effective Evangelism
06 Family Prayers
07 Follow the Lord Jesus Christ
08 The Great Commission
09 Great Events in the Bible
10 Grow in Personal Character
11 The Holy Trinity
12 House Churches
13 How to Pray
14 How to Study the Bible
15 Jesus Calls You
16 Jesus Christ Defeats Our Enemy
17 John the Baptist
18 The Lord's Supper
19 Love New Christians
20 Nehemiah - Do Great Things for God
21 Love My Neighbor
22 Obedience to Christ
23 Become the Body of Christ
24 Pastoral Worker Training and You
25 Pray With the Power of Christ
26 Empower New Pastoral Workers
27 Reach Every Nation
28 Review of the First Stage
29 Seek First the Kingdom of God
30 Seven Commands of Jesus
31 Sing to the Lord
32 Witness to Others
33 The Work of the Holy Spirit
34 Worship the Almighty
35 Authority of the Bible
36 Church and Society  
37 Church Planting Guide 
38 Comfort the Sick
39 Counseling With Care 
40 Deacons in Action 
41 Discipline in the Church
42 Dynamic Doctrines
43 Help With Preaching 
44 How Small Groups Can Help Your Church 
45 How to Reach Agreement in Administrative Meetings 
46 Informal Fellowship Activities 
47 Intercession in the Church 
48 Let’s Go Visiting 
49 Let’s Pastor God's Flock
50 Let’s Plant Daughter Churches
51 Let the Children Come to Me
52 Let the Church Grow 
53 Love in Action
54 Make the Best Use of Your Time and Energy  
55 Missionary Manual
56 My Family 
57 Overcoming the Darkness
58 Powerful Messages From John’s Gospel
59 Romans: The Life of Faith 
60 Spiritual Gifts 
61 Your Church’s Teaching Program
62 Wolves
63 River of Grace

Sample Booklets: If you are visiting this website and interested in using these materials, you can request a password to download SAMPLE BOOKS for evaluation.