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T&M is a method of training which helps pastoral workers provide on-the-job training for church members so they can share the Good News, make disciples of Jesus and multiply new churches.  T&M is not just training for ministry, it is training in ministry. T&M has been a pioneer in the development of obedience-based discipleship. It emphasizes practical work so that church leaders and members do what the word of God commands.  With prayer and faith, thousands of ordinary believers from around the world have found that Train and Multiply has empowered them to fulfill the Great Commission.

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Train and Multiply uses simple, low cost and effective New Testament methods to train church leaders. T&M is a New Testament discipline that combines pastoral and leadership training with church planting and development, to train leaders in such a way that churches and cells will multiply naturally.

PDF Documents ready to download

If you would like to know more about what Train & Multiply does and how we operate, then you are invited to download any or all of the PDF documents listed below. We encourage you to print or download these documents because they will tell you many useful things and help you understand what the T&M program can do for you.


An introduction to the T&M program discussing content, scope, basic outreach principles, and approximate training timeline.

User/Organizer License Agreement

This is the legal document required to establish a User License between PWR and a new T&M User.

Organizer License Agreement English

Organizer License Agreement Spanish

Organizer License Agreement French

User Boundaries

An overview of the scope of use. You legal use of T&M as a User can be very broad. There are limits and this will help you understand those limits and the strategy behind them so T&M remains effective and retains its integrity

Required Information

Please send this information to us. We want to know more about you to help you all we can.

Pastoral Training Booklet Index

A listing of 63 booklet titles and an index of subjects discussed within the T&M booklets

Support for Christian Leaders


Train & Multiply is not simply paper and books; it is dynamic and fluid. It is our goal to add the important personal involvement that is needed in order to effectively mentor serious people, to try and deal with training in church planting and to answer questions about specific field situations. You are welcome to send an enquiry about this by e-mail to:

Dr. Galen Currah:

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